There was many people who die of hunger starvation in 1960's Korea. But, Korea ahieve economic progress by toiling night and day, and becomes a affluent country now.
But, it brings another problem! It is the high rate of obesity. So, many people strive for losing their weight.
This time, I'll teach you a method of effective diet and plan a diet wisely and simple exercise!

If you want to be a beautiful woman, you have to diet!
Women who want to lose their weight, eats something intermittently. But that plan is wrong!
Irregular meals bring obesity rather.
From now on, I'll recommend a secret method that diet become a pant of your life.

★ Don't starve thoughtlessly!
People who are often starve or like eating late-night meals are prone to gain weight.
Number of meal can be a cause of obesity. According to research, people who eat 2 meals per day have high probability of obesity than people who eat 5 meals per day.

★ Diet equals marathon that exert yourself everyday.
Losing weight in a short period of time is not difficult. But, even if you lose your weight, rate of fat in th body will becomes high. And then, you feel tried and weak.
If you want to diet properly, you have to make steady and persistent efforts for successing diet.

Plan a diet wisely!
★ Keep in mind correct cookery that reducing pungent flavorings.

★ Avoid eating salty food!
Because, if you eat salty foods, you look for sweet taste naturally. In other words, you want to absorb sugar naturally. The problem is, most of sugar is consist of much fat.
So, you must mot eat salty foods if you are on a diet.

★ Avoid eating fried food!
Because, when you want to eat fried foods, you will use cooking oil. But, most of oil is consist of much fat, too. So, you must not eat fried food if you are on a diet.

★ I'll recommend 'super food' that helpful your diet menu.

It is helpful to people who have edema is caused by obesity.


Almond are rich in protein and fiber.
A handful of almond is the recommended daily intake.


Sweet potatoes
Sweet potaoes contain lots of fiber and will make you feel full easily.


Green tea
Green teas help you to burn off fats and suppress your appetite.
It is good to drink two green teas a day.


Paprikas are full of vitamin C more than fruits such as lemon, strawberry.


Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acid.
It makes your facial skin to freshen and tighten.


Miscellaneous cereals
If you eat miscellaneous cereals, you have a fast metabolism.
So, it is helpful to reduce your weight.

♥ I'll recommend a exercise that you can do everyday life easily.

★ cowbow sit-up twist.
'Cowbow sit-up twist' is especially effective exercise to who have an excessive accumulation of fat in the abdominal area sides. Also, you can build muscular power all over the body.
 1) Make space to put one blow fist between knees and lie.

2) Hold up your hand and fold your hand like gun shape.
3) Raise up your upper body streching your arms to
     the right.
4) Then, lie again like 2)
5) This time, raise up your upper body streching
    your arms to the left.
6) Repeat these movement.

- Precautions
1) When you raise up your upper body, your hip and foots must stick to the floor and you fixed eyes on the end of index finger.
2) Raise up your upper body only using the power of the upper part of the belly.
3) If you raise up your arms and upper body at the same 
                                                                     time, you can broke your neck. So first you raise up your 
                                                                     arms and make your upper body follow up naturally.


Long time no see, devoted readers.
Today, I'll show you some fashionable shoes and coordination.
First, I want to recommend you, "Loafer" for women. Women who think shoes with fur are early, will love this item.
Loafer that cover your top of the foot make your foot warm than flat shoes that looks like loafer.
Not many years ago, women that love mannish look, usually put on their basic loafer. But, women wear loafer with one-piece dress or skirts recently because various colors and materials is used to make that.
So, loafer is must-have item of women!!!!!!!!


Second, I want to recommend you "Dicker Boots"
Boots are favored item for women in every fall and winter.
Dicker boots are progressed than existing western boots that show bohemian style.
Because, if you put on your dicker boots, you can make a luxurious and ladyish impression on the other people.

I tell you in earnest about advantages of that.
First, refined design will give prominence to your elegance.
Second, even though heal is high, you don't feel fatigue of foots because heel is maded layer of artificial leathers and the heel of shoes that thick gel cushion is intercalated.
Third, this shoes are solid and practical and harmonized with all clothings (skirts ,pants, etc...)

Boys who want to set the trend, pleast focus on this paragragh.
"Walker" is trendy variation on a military boots. That was already popular in 1990's. I'll recommend you from casual style to unique style with walker.

★ Rebirth of 1990's mood.
 - check shirts & roll-up blue jeans & walker -
Shirts and blue jeans are the best in harmony with walker. Especially, check shirts is fashionable in this fall. If you wear a check shirts and blue jeans with walker, you can give a point your style.
For example, if you want to be a dandy,  you need to roll-up your blue jeans and if you want ot show your manhood to the others,  you need to put the end of jeans in the walker.
In addition, you can wear on a snap-back cap or carry a bag with camouflage (deception list pattern of soldier) pattern. These items are harmonized with this style. And you can turn jeans into colorful pants
                                                                                 (a loud color pants like burgundy.)

★style that have a unique individuality using a blazer jacket
 - wearing a denim jacket and blue jeans -
This style was considered countrified fashion few days ago, but these days this style becomes new trend. Blazer jacket is seemed suit, so you look neat and tidy to the other people.
In addition, you can wear a check pattern necktie!
I think, the number of men try to various style using walker will increase this season.

Do you satisfied with today's 'Get it Beauty' ?
You can be a fashionable people using these simple tips. I'll tell you a method about diet next week!
See you next week!
First, cut your hair in a bob-type style or medium length.
Then, get a perm. This hair style will be fashionable this fall. 
It is called '고준희 hair style' or 'bodyperm'.
Bodyperm is perm that make the end of your hair to c curl or s curl.
You manage hair easily when you this perm.

If you have narrow facial features or have a longish face,
s curl bodyperm is very becoming on you. 
When your hair is a bob-type style bodyperm, you are cute and lovely. Whereas when your hair is a medium length bodyperm, you are stylish and elegant.
If you want to accentuate this hair style, dye your hair red brown or dark brown. Those color will be fashionable too.


Regent style will fashionable for men.
Regent style that top hair is long and side hair is short was in vogue for young men at 1930's in U.K.
This is back in fashion in 2013, Korea.
When you cut your hair this, you look neat and intelligent. It is advantage of that. Also, this expresses your individuality. Thus, men love this style because this expresses two charms at once. 
If  you add stylish charm, put styling wax on the top hair or perm only there.

Trim one's nail and wear nail polish is big interest for women. It is called 'nail art'. To be more concrete, draw a pattern on long nail.
If you want to manicure well, you have to draw 'base coat' first. There are many kinds of pattern. For instance, there are a pattern of diagonal lines, floral pattern, etc. Also draw many shapes like heart, star, ribbon on long nail is point of nail art. Several persons put showy adornment or jewelry.


 Our teams of each country in the world to learn about fashion, decided to take a video.
At first, we had a difficulty in choosing topic, thanks a lot for your helping, we could pick a good topic. And then at the end of the discussion, I was in charge of the Oriental fashion.
In many countries in Eastern countries I chose Korea. I don’t know Korean fashion because I have no interest in the usual fashion.  So this one time opportunity to learn, and is thinking of changing my fashion degree.

 My first blog is about the make-up.
The first time I knew that there was a lot make-ups because I normally do not make up.

 Although a lot of make-up, let's take a look at Burgundy Makeup that fashionable this fall.
Burgundy Makeup is the makeup that use Burgundy color. Burgundy color is the harmony wite red and violet color that drifting women's charm. This color is not a natural color for Asians.
However, if you make good use this color, enhances the skin and can be seen as a fascinating impression. It is also represent a graceful and alluring attractive with lowered the saturation of bright red lipstick.
First, clean the skin with light moisture cosmetics. At this time, the natural color of the foundation and primer to create a flawless, beautiful skin is the point.
Second, eyebrow make-up ues a dark and solid color with hair.
Finally, by selecting a dark red lipstick, sexy and elegant charm can be represent.
Burgundy makeup will popular this fall. Why do not you try this make-up?

 Let's look at the another make-up.
It is Mininal makeup. This makeup was popular in the spring and summer of this year. This makeup represents cuty and sporty impression with natural, flawless skin and a colorful lip. Also hue makeup should refrain to show unvarnished freshness.
This makeup's point is the vitality.

First, make the skin and eyes moist with moisture cream and eye serum. It is the know-how that using mist often to obstruct the drying out. And then apply BBcream.
Second, put on eye liner clearly with brown eyebrow. And wad eyelashes using pen type eyeliner. When you do this, natural and young looking eyes is completed.
Third, raise lashes closely and put on the brown mascara.
Finally, by selecting pink, peach color lipstick, youthful and cuty charm can be represent.

So far, I investigated about the Burgundy Makeup and Minimal Makeup. These make-ups are simple and beautiful. I want to these make-up in this fall.